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High-performance hydraulic screw-in cartridge valves

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        DunAn High-performance Hydraulic Thread Cartridge Valve

                                  ---“Leading in precision, stability and durability”

   Zhejiang Huayi Precision Machinery Co., Ltd was established in 2006, which belongs to DunAn Holding Group (Top 500 China Enterprises Group). Zhejiang Huayi has been focused on design and manufacturing of precision metal parts, accumulating more than 10 years experience in cooperation with international first-class manufacturing enterprises.  With leading precision forging and manufacturing technology, advanced management experience and quality concept according to ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and TS16949.

   Zhejiang Huayi has a marketing position in the metal parts manufacturing and by establishing strategic cooperative partnerships with international first-class enterprises.

图片11.pngThe company always strives at new developing thoughts and is capable of transformation and upgrading to keep up with changes on the market and raising labor costs. Chairman of DunAn Holding Group, Mr Yaoxinyi (in the left) is convinced that Huayi has the key advantage of precision manufacturing. We can seek breakthrough in the field of hydraulic parts.

We have a deep understanding of hydraulic industry and cooperate with Doctor Zhang Haiping (in the right), 图片111.pngProfessor Weijianhua and other experts in the industry.Zhejiang Huayi decided to enter into hydraulic industry based on expert interviews, exhibition survey, client visits, benchmarking enterprises and marketing research in multiple channels.

Zhejiang Huayi officially started operation with high-end hydraulic thread cartridge valves. Mr. Yao decided to focus on high quality high-end products with high investment. We pursue industrial lead with high precision, high stability and high durability! We perform benchmarking of foreign enterprises for a breakthrough in the technology’s bottlenecks that allows replacing imported products. At present, Zhejiang Huayi has cooperation with Sanyi, Longgong, Alphard, accumulating more than 300 hydraulic customers using our products, developed nearly 400 kinds of specifications.


In 2015 ,Our leaders visited Hanover in Germany.